Scanmaster G For Turbo Buicks

Scanmaster G For Turbo Buicks

- Excellent small scantool for monitoring Knock retard, O2 readings, sensors, etc.

Will show you:
O2 - Oxygen sensor millivolts
KR - Knock Retard
AF - MAF Airflow in grams/sec
LV8 - Load Value
BAT - Voltage to the ECM
INT - Integrator
BLM - Block Learn Multiplier
MPH - Miles Per Hour
CLT - Coolant Temp
ATS - Air Intake Temp
RPM - Current Engine RPM
TPS - Throttle Position in volts
IAC - Idle Air Control motor commanded position
CC - Oxygen Sensor Cross Counts
MAL - Malfunction Codes
- Simple hookup, 12v, gound, and one wire connects to ALDL plug under radio.

- Dot matrix OLED display, clear and readable, 128 x 64 pixels
- Size is a 2-1/16" gauge
- Captures the leanest reading and highest knock for immediate recall, along with the MPH's where it occurred
- Has a bluetooth module, so you can log from it to a phone/tablet/laptop (with a compatible Windows and Android device)
- Has a flash memory chip and will store logs that you can download later
- Works the standard Buick datastream and the Powerlogger
- Displays analog data (boost, wideband) when connected to a PowerLogger
- Displays all the Speed/Density info when running an SD2 chip as well as Fuel Composition (E85 alcohol)

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