GNECU Buick Engine Management

GNECU Buick Engine Management

- Plugs into the factory harnessGives you complete control of tuningBased on the proven MS3Pro core and uses TunerStudio for tuning (license for TunerStudio MS Ultra included)

- Built in 4 bar MAP sensorBuilt in wideband O2 controller, comes with sensor and cable (bosch 4.9), starts wideband sensor heater only after engine start for improved life

- Operates high or low impedance injectorsUse the stock ignition.

- Can use newer coilpacks or coil per plug with proper wiring.On-board automatic datalogging

- 2nd Built-in CPU with CAN communication and expanded Inputs/Outputs (10 analog inputs)Flexfuel, Traction Control, Boost Control, Launch Control, Water/Meth Injection, antitheft, and much more!

- Compatible with existing Scanmaster 2.2 or Scanmaster G gauge! (for SM 2.1, an upgrade chip can be supplied)